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Pick a plan level then start customizing for your business’s needs. Want a feature or two from another plan? No problem, we’ll make a custom plan just for you. When you’re ready to build your perfect solution, click the Quick Quote button below your desired plan and let us know what else your business might benefit from in the Comments section. Then an account representative from our team will contact you with more information. It’s that simple.

*All plans include free direct deposit!

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Payroll reports
Federal tax payments
State tax payments
Local tax payments
Federal tax filings
State tax filings
Local tax filings
Federal Unemployment (FUTA) tax payments
Federal Unemployment (FUTA) filings
State Unemployment (SUI) tax payments
State Unemployment (SUI) filings
W-2 distribution
W-2 SSA filings
1099 distribution
1099 IRS filings
IRS tax notices
State tax notices
3rd-party vendor payments
100% Accuracy Guarantee

*Free direct deposit is included with all plans. Payroll reports with all tax calculations are included with each pay run with all plans.

Other Services & Solutions We Offer

• Time and Attendance Solutions:

– Are you rounding employee hours? Are you positive your employees arrive and leave when they are supposed to?

– You can’t always be there to track your employees, but there are steps you can take to prevent wage overpayments.

– Timekeeping solutions have countless benefits, some of which include:

• Ensuring you only pay for time your employees worked

• Allowing you to pay workers different rates for different jobs or roles

• Keeping track of time used for specific roles, which can help with future scheduling

• Verifying that employees are actually present at assigned locations

• Preventing employees from “buddy clocking” (clocking in for each other), with biometric clocks

• Saving time by no longer calculating and submitting hours for payroll processing

• Reducing the chances for human error throughout the payroll process

– Webclock available with tracking via unique user passwords on IP-restricted networks.

– Time clocks are available with tracking via PIN codes, swipe cards, proximity badges, or biometric scanning.

Click here for a demo and see if it’s right for your business. Use Login ID “GLUE” and Password “DEMO” to log in.

– Still not sold? Call today and mention “Stallion” to get your first month free!

• Background Checks:

– Run industry-specific checks to ensure the people you hire are trustworthy and reliable for the position.

– Customize your search to ensure you find out exactly what you need to at an affordable rate.

– Background checks are performed by our corporate partner, National Crime Search.

– New payroll clients receive their first background check completely free!

Click here to start running background checks.

• I-9 Verification:

– Ensure the employees you hire are legal US workers before you invest your time and effort into training them.

– Have your new employees enter their I-9 information online in the E-Verify system.

– Then log in to check that their information is valid and clear.

– Results are almost instantaneous!

• New Hire Reporting:

– Following The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, all employers must report newly hired and re-hired employees to their state department within a state-imposed deadline.

– Don’t have time to go through the process of submitting your own new hires? Let us take care of it for you.

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