Pick your plan

We know every business isn’t the same. That’s why we’ve got three plans for you to choose from to start with. Pick from Bronze, Silver, or Gold payroll packages and start customizing depending on your needs. Whatever it is, we’ll be ready for you.

CPA Affiliation

Are you running a CPA firm? There’s already a lot on your plate. Let us take care of your clients’ payroll needs so you can use your time where it’s best spent. We guarantee you’ll be happy with what we have to offer.

Time & Attendance

Are you rounding your employees’ hours? Just 10 minutes of rounding per day will cost your business at least $338 extra each year per employee. Our timekeeping solutions will ensure you only pay for the time worked.

If you’re wondering whether outsourcing your company’s payroll services is the best thing to do for your business, consider these common issues businesses like yours are facing across the country when payroll is handled in-house. Let us help you, contact us today!

Payroll Errors


According to the IRS, 33% of employers make payroll errors, many without even realizing it. Errors can be difficult to correct and frequently result in penalties and interest. Why not avoid the hassle completely?

IRS Penalties


IRS records show that 40% of small to medium sized U.S. employers incur an average federal penalty of $845 each year due to payroll issues. State Departments have similarly high penalties and are also incurred frequently. Wouldn’t you prefer to keep your hard-earned revenues in your pocket?

IRS Notices


As many as 50% of U.S. employers receive IRS notices annually, according to IRS records. These notices can be confusing and time-consuming to deal with, especially without the correct documentation to provide the IRS with. Don’t be caught unprepared.

High Expenses


Based on a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, employers that take care of time & attendance, workforce administration, and payroll services & compliance in-house spend an average of 18% more than those that outsource these services. Start saving money today.

Lost Savings


Businesses that bundle multiple functions together and outsource them to the same vendor save an average of 32% when compared with taking care of these services in-house, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. RedHorse Payroll provides several services. Bundle them together to save even more money.

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