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Why you should choose RedHorse Payroll

Why Choose Us

  • A CPA Is Involved Every Step of the Way

    At RedHorse Payroll, we place importance on the payroll process, because that’s where it all begins. Trust that everything will be done correctly from beginning to end with a CPA either running or supervising your regular payroll processing. As a backup to ensure no problems arise, a CPA will always run monthly audits to ensure that wage and tax balances are exactly what they need to be.

  • No Minimum Contract Commitments

    You make all the choices when running your business. This should be no different. We strive to provide the best payroll experience you’ve ever had, but if we aren’t exceeding your standards at any time, you can choose for us to part ways with no hard feelings–without you having to wait for a contract to run its course.

  • Customizable Services That Aren’t Rigid

    Large, bureaucratic companies offer very rigid services which force your business to change to fit their options. We know every business is different so we find the best combination of payroll plans and add-on services to fit your needs. Build your payroll any way you want it, or ask for our recommendations, we’ll be prepared to run things either way.

  • Feel Good About Getting Your Payroll Done

    Each month, RedHorse Payroll donates a portion of all revenues received in the previous month to a different charity. Cross payroll off your to do list and be a part of giving back to people in need. Help us make a difference.

  • Hate Getting Bounced Around On The Phone? So Do We!

    Have a simple question? Normally you’d call customer service, then get forwarded to another department, and again, and again, and again. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could directly call the person who has the answer and avoid having to explain your situation to five different people? We think so too. Your account representative is easily accessible by phone or email and they are aware of your account details from start to finish.

  • We Are Always Evolving And Love Customer Feedback

    Clients are often the ones who know what will make their lives easier. We know we won’t always have the answers. Think we can we do something better? Tell us–we won’t be offended.

  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee

    Sometimes peace of mind is all a business owner wants. If you fall into that category, our Gold Payroll Plan is just for you. If any penalties arise as a result of our wrongdoing, we will cover the tab and make sure everything is sorted out so you don’t have to give your payroll a second thought.

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