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The RedHorse Payroll mission

About Us

The color red describes passion and power, while horses have been symbols of prestige and loyalty for thousands of years. At RedHorse Payroll, our mission is to be your loyal business partner and to ensure that your payroll needs are taken care of–from timekeeping to tax filings–and everything in between. We strive to consistently provide unparalleled customer service and free up your time to allow you to focus your passion on your business.

We provide simple and elegant services to small and medium businesses in the Greater Atlanta area. All of our payroll clients receive free direct deposit, customizable reporting, transparent access to data 24/7, and a friendly personal account representative–their very own Account Stallion! RedHorse Payroll is “payroll, simplified.”

Our founding partners have worked for many companies, big and small, and have observed opportunities to vastly improve the client experience. At most companies, the customer service ends at the time of sale. With RedHorse Payroll, the customer service experience begins when you sign on as our client.

We hope you’ll join us as we revolutionize the payroll experience!

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